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    • Birko Chemicals - Acto 140

      Birko Chemicals - Acto 140


      Acto 140 is a powdered peroxycarb that cleans wooden barrels and wine stains.

    • Birko Chemicals - Acid Brite #2

      Birko Chemicals - Acid Brite #2


      Designed to remove beerstone and scale in breweries that use hard water. Conditions equipment and provides unbeatable cleanliness.

    • Birko Chemicals - Acid Kleen

      Birko Chemicals - Acid Kleen


      Self-foaming, general-purpose acid cleaner. Go-to product for parts soaking. Doesn't result in a sour beer like other products on the market do.

    • Birko Chemicals - Antifoam 100

      Birko Chemicals - Antifoam 100


      100% silicone antifoam. Proprietary blend that prevents or kills foam immediately. Unlike other products, works equally well in oil-and-water-based systems.

    • Birko Chemicals - BBC

      Birko Chemicals - BBC


      The ultimate “one shot” powdered CIP cleaner. Cleans heavy soils in one pass. Use with 120-160°F water.

    • Birko Chemicals - Birk-Ox PAA

      Birko Chemicals - Birk-Ox PAA


      Combination of Peroxyacetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide and Acetic Acid. Excellent post-rinse sanitizer for heat exchanger, hoses and fermenters. EPA registered.

    • Birko Chemicals - Bru-R-Ez

      Birko Chemicals - Bru-R-Ez


      Non-caustic cleaner, safer on equipment, more effective than caustic products. Intended for use with hot water, high soil in the brewhouse and fermenter.

    • Birko Chemicals - Cell-R-Master

      Birko Chemicals - Cell-R-Master


      Safer on equipment, faster and more effective than caustic products. Use for CIP or hand-scrubbing metals.

    • Birko Chemicals - Cir-Q-Late

      Birko Chemicals - Cir-Q-Late


      High alkaline, liquid CIP cleaner. Designed for heavy-duty CIP. Using this with Pur-Ox eliminates the need for acid cleaning in your brewhouse.

    • Birko Chemicals - Cir Tec SP

      Birko Chemicals - Cir Tec SP


      Birko Chemicals - Cir Tec SP

    • Birko Chemicals - Diactolate

      Birko Chemicals - Diactolate


      Diactolate is an FDA Generally Recognized As Safe (G.R.A.S.) food grade acid and is used to activate chlorine dioxide sanitizers. Diactolate is also effective in neutralizing or reducing pH in water and/or finished product, and removing or preventing scale formation.

    • Birko Chemicals - Dioxychlor

      Birko Chemicals - Dioxychlor


      7.5% sodium chlorite. Mix with Diactolate to create Chlorine Dioxide for yeast washing. Can dilute and use to rinse brewing equipment and bottles.

    • Birko Chemicals - Dyno-Mite

      Birko Chemicals - Dyno-Mite


      Use for clean-in-place (CIP) post-rinse sanitizing. EPA registered.

    • Birko Chemicals - Foam Chlor 535

      Birko Chemicals - Foam Chlor 535


      Birko Chemicals - Foam Chlor 535

    • Birko Chemicals - Lactic Acid F.G. 88%

      Birko Chemicals - Lactic Acid F.G. 88%


      Lactic Acid, 88% Food Grade is the natural L(+) lactic acid, produced by fermentation from sugar. Lactic acid has a mild acid taste and is widely used as an acidulant in the food industry. Lactic acid’s primary function is to preserve. In the brewing industry, lactic acid is used to adjust pH in the mash and for activating sodium chlorite sanitizers.

    • Birko Chemicals - Patco 376

      Birko Chemicals - Patco 376


      100% vegetable oil−based defoamer. Adds lipids to the wort, so it's perfect for unfiltered beers. Want more yield? This is your product.

    • Birko Chemicals - Propylene Glycol

      Birko Chemicals - Propylene Glycol


      Uninhibited (no phosphate buffer). Perfect for "topping off" solutions.

    • Birko Chemicals - Phosphoric Acid F. G. 75%

      Birko Chemicals - Phosphoric Acid F. G. 75%


      Use when a food-grade acid is required. Improves yields and malt-extract efficiency in the mash. Good for mash acidification.

    • Birko Chemicals - Pur-Ox

      Birko Chemicals - Pur-Ox


      34% hydrogen peroxide for boosting alkaline cleaners. Helps remove light beerstones.

    • Birko Chemicals - Ultra Niter

      Birko Chemicals - Ultra Niter


      Perfect for keg cleaning and brite tank cleaning. Use with X-Puma as part of our patented keg-cleaning process. Removes beer stone and Krausen rings.