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Shipping by the pallet? Add spot hops to your order without additional freight charges!*

How much does freight impact your overall total landed cost of your brewery supplies? With Country Malt Group (CMG), you avoid extra shipping fees when you add spot hops to your malt and adjuncts orders.**  We carry high quality Yakima Chief Hops, so you can have confidence that you are only getting the best total value, all in one shipment. Add a box or two of your favorite varieties of hops to your order and avoid extra freight charges when shipping from multiple locations.

**Hops can be added to the order up to the maximum pallet weight.

Do you want to lower your overall landed costs?

Fill out the form and we’ll put you in contact with your CMG Sales Representative.

Throw some hops on top!

Find the boxes of Yakima Chief Hops in these videos!

Hint:  The boxes are blue!