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With the BESTMALZ® brand, brewers and distillers of all kinds can find an extensive portfolio of different top quality malt varieties made from barley, wheat, and various other grains.


Careful moisture control, ample time for germination, slow kilning and utterly gentle roasting: these are features of the state-of-the-art malt production at BESTMALZ®. Modern grain processing technology with very traditional German malting standards, making BESTMALZ® recognizable as one of the finest quality malt brands. Its name stands for top-quality German base and specialty malts for simply the BEST beer!

Results for Bestmalz

    • Bestmalz Dark Munich Malt

      Bestmalz Dark Munich Malt


      Maltier than the regular Munich, the Dark contributes more reddish/amber hues. Used in the production of dark, aromatic and full-bodied lager styles.

    • Bestmalz Special X Malt

      Bestmalz Special X Malt


      A dark caramel malt that has undergone a short roasting. This develops a very intense, extraordinary flavor profile.

    • Bestmalz Wheat Malt

      Bestmalz Wheat Malt


      Principally used for Weizenbier and Wit beer; light-colored, producing beers with a creamy, spicy flavor, fuller mouth feel, and enhanced head retention.

    • Bestmalz Biscuit Malt

      Bestmalz Biscuit Malt


      Lends brews an intense and sweet malty aroma which reminds of freshly baked bread and biscuits, combined with roasted aromas and a light color.

    • Bestmalz Melanoidin Malt

      Bestmalz Melanoidin Malt


      A high-dried kilned malt. This flavorful non-crystallized malt is ideal for all types of red and dark lagers and ales, and “malt bombs” such as Doppel Bock.

    • Bestmalz Vienna Malt

      Bestmalz Vienna Malt


      Provides full maltiness and some color, often with a nutty flavor. Used in European amber, golden and brown lagers as well as Marzen and Oktoberfest beers.

    • Bestmalz Pilsen Malt

      Bestmalz Pilsen Malt


      Creates beers that are light colored, clean, full-bodied and malty. Perfect for Pilsners and Kölsch, Wits, and Tripels.

    • Bestmalz Wheat Malt Dark

      Bestmalz Wheat Malt Dark


      Provides increased maltiness for a more robust character; produces beers with a creamy, spicy flavor, fuller mouth feel, and increased head retention.

    • Bestmalz Chit Malt

      Bestmalz Chit Malt


      German 2-row spring barley is malted for light color and to enhance froth stability. Use 15% of the grist.

    • Bestmalz Caramel Pils Malt

      Bestmalz Caramel Pils Malt


      Our lightest Caramel® Pils malt is fully modified and saccharified at high humidity. The malt sugars are caramelized and become glassy inside the malt kernel.

    • Bestmalz Caramel Aromatic Malt

      Bestmalz Caramel Aromatic Malt


      German 2-Row aromatic malt is in the Munich malt family, but on the darker end. Contributes a rich intense non-crystal malt flavor and aroma to beer.

    • Bestmalz Caramel Munich III Malt

      Bestmalz Caramel Munich III Malt


      With this malt, it is possible to brew strong beers and all types of dark specialty beers where value is placed on a full taste reminiscent of bread crust.

    • Bestmalz Heidelberg Malt

      Bestmalz Heidelberg Malt


      Malted for lightest color; great as a base malt in your palest lagers. Has excellent enzyme contribution. Creates a bright and high foaming beer.

    • Bestmalz Black Malt Extra

      Bestmalz Black Malt Extra


      The intensive roasting process produces colors and flavor components that give distillates a hint of black coffee or strong espresso.

    • Bestmalz Red X Malt

      Bestmalz Red X Malt


      A hybrid of munich and crystal malts; if used at 100% of the grist, it creates a beer with an intense red color; adds a rich malty Munich-like complexity.

    • Bestmalz Munich Malt

      Bestmalz Munich Malt


      Increases beer color, mouth feel and malt character. Used in dark, aromatic and full-bodied lagers such as Märzens, Oktoberfests, Bocks and Double Bocks.

    • Bestmalz Spelt Malt

      Bestmalz Spelt Malt


      An ancient variety of Bavarian wheat with long irregularly-shaped kernels; higher protein, but lower gluten than wheat, with sweet nutty, spicy flavor.

    • Bestmalz Black Malt

      Bestmalz Black Malt


      Intensively roasted; ideal for very dark beers and stouts that are characterized by a pleasant roasted note, simliar to bitter chocolate or strong coffee.

    • Bestmalz Caramel Munich I Malt

      Bestmalz Caramel Munich I Malt


      Lends a fuller body, malt aroma and deep red color to your finished beer. Ideal for styles such as Red Ale, Red Lager, Scottish Ale, Alt Beer and Brown Ale.

    • Bestmalz Caramel Hell Malt

      Bestmalz Caramel Hell Malt


      2-Row malted barley that has been roasted to develop a light glassy caramelized interior. Delivers a subtle sweet caramel flavor and golden color to beer.