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Thomas Fawcett

Thomas Fawcett

Thomas Fawcett & Sons Ltd is an eighth generation family business that has been manufacturing quality malts for over 200 years on its original site in Castleford, Yorkshire, in England.

Thomas Fawcett
Thomas Fawcett

Their production facilities span the history from four working floor Maltings to the most up to date Germinating Kilning Vessels (GKV’s). Producing colored malts of all hues and flavours in their bespoke roasting plants, Thomas Fawcett & Sons intentionally keep their batch sizes small to ensure consistent quality throughout their extensive and specialized product range.

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    • TF&S Torrefied Wheat

      TF&S Torrefied Wheat


      Excellent at promoting head retention and lacing in ales.

    • TF&S Crystal Oat Malt

      TF&S Crystal Oat Malt


      Crystal Oat Malt gives a light caramel-toffee flavour with a slightly sweet grainy aroma, restrained compared to barley crystal malt, with additional dryness from the husk material. It imparts body and enhanced mouthfeel to the finished beer.

    • TF&S Roasted/Toasted Oat Malt

      TF&S Roasted/Toasted Oat Malt


      Roasted/Toasted Oat Malt gives a subtle toasted oat biscuit and nutty flavour with a slightly smoky aroma, that gives a hint of coffee but is smoother and sweeter than amber barley malt. It Imparts a fuller body and enhances mouthfeel of the finished beer.

    • TF&S Roasted Wheat Malt

      TF&S Roasted Wheat Malt


      Intensifies the typical aroma and color of dark top fermented beers such as Altbier, Weizen, and Weizenbock.

    • TF&S Roasted Barley

      TF&S Roasted Barley


      Made from barley that has not been malted. Contributes a distinct, more astringent roasted bitter flavor in dark beer. Traditionally used in Irish Stouts.

    • TF&S Rye Ale Malt

      TF&S Rye Ale Malt


      Will add a dry, spicy note to your finished beer. If used in larger quantities, rice hulls can be added to the mash.

    • TF&S Pilsen Malt

      TF&S Pilsen Malt


      An ideal base malt for your English lager beers, and for English-style Summer Ales.

    • TF&S Peated Malt

      TF&S Peated Malt


      Produced by smoking pale malt over burning peat. Peated Malt will add a dark, earthy, phenolic aroma and flavor characteristic of Islay whisky.

    • TF&S Halcyon Pale Ale Malt

      TF&S Halcyon Pale Ale Malt


      Halcyon is a barley variety that was bred from the Maris Otter and Sargent barley varieties. It tends to produce a less sweet wort than Maris Otter.

    • TF&S Black Malt

      TF&S Black Malt


      Black malt is pale malt that has been intensely roasted. Provides extremely dark color and dry, acrid, burnt toast undertones to the flavor of beer.

    • TF&S Brown Malt

      TF&S Brown Malt


      Brown malt is roasted pale malt, typically used in Brown Ales as well as in Porters and Stouts. Contributes a dry, biscuit, toast flavor.

    • TF&S Amber Malt

      TF&S Amber Malt


      Amber malt is bold roasted malt with a dark toast flavor. It is typically used in Brown or Porter recipes. This malt has no diastatic power.

    • TF&S Crystal Malt II 65

      TF&S Crystal Malt II 65


      Stewed and then roasted slowly at higher temperatures to create a glassy crystal center. Will impart sweet caramel/crystal/toffee notes to your beer.

    • TF&S Dark Crystal Malt II 120

      TF&S Dark Crystal Malt II 120


      Will provide an intense, crystal malt sweetness coupled with a moderate amount of burnt caramel bitterness. Use in moderation.

    • TF&S Crystal Rye Malt

      TF&S Crystal Rye Malt


      Will lend a dry, licorice, toffee flavor. Great for use in complex, multi-grain brews where that extra special something is required.

    • TF&S Pale Crystal Malt

      TF&S Pale Crystal Malt


      Imparts a light caramel/crystal flavor, and slight red hue. A great crystal malt on the lower side of the color scale.

    • TF&S Dark Crystal Malt I 85

      TF&S Dark Crystal Malt I 85


      Contributes a strong reddish hue to dark beers. This malt will impart a roasty edge on top of a malty sweetness.

    • TF&S CaraMalt

      TF&S CaraMalt


      Will impart a light flavor and slight red hue. Great for dark lagers and ales. Will contribute dextrins and add to foam stability.

    • TF&S Chocolate Malt

      TF&S Chocolate Malt


      A classic malt for Stouts, Porters, and Brown Ales. Provides color for a wide variety of darker beer styles.

    • TF&S Pearl Pale Ale Malt

      TF&S Pearl Pale Ale Malt


      A traditional English barley variety known for its slightly bready flavor. It produces a sweet, flavorful wort with aromatic qualities.