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Bairds Malt

As Scotland’s oldest maltster and with a heritage dating back to 1823, Bairds can draw on a rich tapestry of care taken at every stage of our craft to produce the highest quality malt.

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As Bairds Malt look forward, they continue to support those who grow for them, and to ensure their place as the preferred partner of brewers and distillers who desire the finest quality UK malt.

Results for Bairds Malting

    • Bairds Flaked Maize (Yellow Corn) Non GMO

      Bairds Flaked Maize (Yellow Corn) Non GMO


      BD-FCRN is now LF-FCRN! In case you missed it, last year our UK partner, Bairds Ltd., finalized the sale of Brewers Select to Loughran Brewing Stores Limited, now formally known as Loughran Brewers Select. While the packaging has changed for Flaked Maize, it's the same product! If BD-FCRN is showing out of stock, please purchase this product under the new SKU, LF-FCRN.

    • Bairds Golden Promise

      Bairds Golden Promise


      Marked by its sweet richness and fullness in flavour, this Scottish malt is perfect for IPAs, Scotch and English ales.

    • Bairds 2.0 Malt

      Bairds 2.0 Malt


      Malted from KWS Sassy barley, a bold variety particularly well suited to the variable conditions of growing in the Scottish climate.

    • Bairds Pilsen/Lager Malt

      Bairds Pilsen/Lager Malt


      A European-style Pilsen Malt. A low-color, high-extract, light-flavored malt. Perfect for brewing in the style of malty light-colored lagers or light ales.

    • Bairds Vienna Malt

      Bairds Vienna Malt


      Similar to Munich but lighter in color; use as a base malt for malt aroma and flavor, and in beers for added color and malt complexity without caramel flavor.

    • Bairds 1823 London Lager Malt

      Bairds 1823 London Lager Malt


      Produced with the highest quality, two-row spring barley that is grown by some of the longest established farming families in the UK.

    • Bairds Munich Malt

      Bairds Munich Malt


      Used where increased malt flavor, color and aromas are desired, but where caramel/crystal flavors are not; a full-bodied, flavorful malt.

    • Bairds Pale Ale Malt

      Bairds Pale Ale Malt


      Malted from British 2-row barley. Contributes a malty complexity to beer flavor and aroma. Used in traditional British Pale Ales, Porters and Stouts.

    • Bairds Light Crystal Malt 50..60 ASBC

      Bairds Light Crystal Malt 50..60 ASBC


      Provides body, color and a delicate smooth caramel/toffee character to beer.

    • Bairds Light Cara Malt

      Bairds Light Cara Malt


      Produced in a similar fashion as Baird’s Carastan but the final roasting is prolonged at a lower temperature to achieve a low target color.

    • Bairds Medium Cara Malt 30.37 ASBC

      Bairds Medium Cara Malt 30.37 ASBC


      A pale, brown-colored malt providing body, color and a sweet caramel/toffee flavor to beer.

    • Bairds Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt

      Bairds Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt


      Malted from lower protein Maris Otter winter barley, and modified to enhance foam formation and palate fullness.

    • Bairds Heavily Peated Malt

      Bairds Heavily Peated Malt


      Smoke from a peat fire is circulated through malt, where it is absorbed into the malt surface. Degree of peatiness (parts per million of phenol) is quite high.

    • Bairds Chocolate Malt

      Bairds Chocolate Malt


      Provides a rich dark color and roasted, sharp, burnt or astringent flavors, and intense chocolate and coffee notes.

    • Bairds Black Malt

      Bairds Black Malt


      Provides strong burnt coffee, char and astringent flavors. A very small quantity gives a deep red color to beer, otherwise the color addition is black.

    • Bairds Brown Malt

      Bairds Brown Malt


      Made from green two row malt; the resulting malt imparts a very bitter, burnt flavor to beer.

    • Bairds Extra Dark Crystal Malt 135..165 ASBC

      Bairds Extra Dark Crystal Malt 135..165 ASBC


      Caramelized at high humidity and roasted at high temperatures; gives burnt toffee/dark caramel flavor and a dark-fruit character.

    • Bairds Roasted Barley

      Bairds Roasted Barley


      Not malted, but roasted. Lends a deep red to brown color and a sharp, bitter, dry, coffee flavor to Stouts and dark beers.

    • Bairds Scottish Ale Malt

      Bairds Scottish Ale Malt


      For the craft brewer who requires a light coloured base malt for both Lagers and Ales, produced from two-row spring barley grown and malted in Scotland.

    • Bairds Medium Crystal Malt 70..80 ASBC

      Bairds Medium Crystal Malt 70..80 ASBC


      Stewed and then roasted longer at high temperatures, giving intense and dark toffee/caramel flavors.