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Malteries franco belges
Malteries franco belges

Malteries Franco Belges

All of MFB’s base malts are made from highly modified, premium, two-row French spring or winter barley and wheat. Caramelized and roasted malts are made from six-row barley or wheat carefully selected from the growing fields of France to ensure maximum aroma and taste.

Results for Malteries Franco Belges

    • Franco-Belges Vienna Malt

      Franco-Belges Vienna Malt


      Similar to Munich but lighter in color; use as a base malt for increased malt aroma and flavor, and to add color and malt complexity without caramel flavor.

    • Franco-Belges Caramel Wheat Malt

      Franco-Belges Caramel Wheat Malt


      Increases color, wheat aroma, and head retention while imparting a medium caramel flavor.

    • Franco-Belges Munich Malt

      Franco-Belges Munich Malt


      Used where increased malt flavor and aromas are desired, but without caramel/crystal flavors. Ideal for Bocks, Oktoberfest/Märzens and Porters.

    • Franco-Belges Special Aromatic Malt

      Franco-Belges Special Aromatic Malt


      Kilned for soft mouth-feel, biscuit character, and complex malt flavor and aroma; provides no caramel flavor; designed specifically for Belgian-style beers.

    • Franco-Belges Pale Ale Malt

      Franco-Belges Pale Ale Malt


      A great light-colored base malt with low protein and very high extract. Contributes a light, clean, malty flavor character. Great for any beer style.

    • Franco-Belges Chocolate Malt

      Franco-Belges Chocolate Malt


      Provides a rich dark color and intense chocolate and coffee notes. Use smaller amounts for nutty flavor and red color. Great for Porters and Stouts.

    • Franco-Belges Pilsen Malt

      Franco-Belges Pilsen Malt


      A low-color, high-extract, light-flavored malt. Well-modified. Can be mashed with a single-temperature infusion. A great base malt for all styles.

    • Franco-Belges Caramel Vienna Malt

      Franco-Belges Caramel Vienna Malt


      Saccharification and gentle torrification develops a light caramel aroma and flavor in this light crystal malt. Often used in Abbey-style ales.

    • Franco-Belges Caramel Pilsen Malt

      Franco-Belges Caramel Pilsen Malt


      Fully saccharified so the malt sugars are carmelized and glassy inside the kernel. Adds caramel aroma, reddish color, body, and head and foam retention.

    • Franco-Belges Caramel Munich Malt 120

      Franco-Belges Caramel Munich Malt 120


      Provides intense toffee-caramel flavor while avoiding burnt character; gives dark cherry, plum and raisin notes to Abbey-style ales and dark specialty beers.

    • Franco-Belges Dark Munich Malt

      Franco-Belges Dark Munich Malt


      Contributes reddish/amber hues; use in dark, aromatic and full-bodied lager styles where malt complexity is desired, but caramel flavors are not.

    • Franco-Belges Caramel Munich Malt 60

      Franco-Belges Caramel Munich Malt 60


      Modified, caramelized and slightly toasted, with a rich malt aroma, caramel flavor, body, and a red-copper color; perfect for Abby ales and other big beers.

    • Franco-Belges Caramel Munich Malt 40

      Franco-Belges Caramel Munich Malt 40


      Provides a light reddish-amber color and a medium sweet, malty, caramel flavor. Highly modified, caramelized and slightly toasted. Used in Belgian Dubbels.

    • Franco-Belges Caramel Munich Malt 80

      Franco-Belges Caramel Munich Malt 80


      Highly modified, caramelized and roasted. Contributes a reddish color and complex strong caramel and dark-toffee flavor to the beer.

    • Franco-Belges Kiln Coffee Malt

      Franco-Belges Kiln Coffee Malt


      Akin to a Light Chocolate, this malt delivers subtle chocolate and coffee flavors and aromas. It isparticularly well suited to Amber and Red beer styles.

    • Franco-Belges Caramel Amber Malt

      Franco-Belges Caramel Amber Malt


      Saccharification and torrification of selected barley develops rich caramel aroma and flavor. This medium-light crystal malt often used in Abbey-style ales.

    • Franco-Belges Kiln Amber Malt

      Franco-Belges Kiln Amber Malt


      A softly toasted malt with a light, biscuit flavor. Increases beer color, but does not color the foam.

    • Franco-Belges Wheat Malt

      Franco-Belges Wheat Malt


      A pale malted wheat with richer flavor that unmalted wheat. Enhances foam development and head retention. Adds creaminess to the texture.